All Things You Need To Know About Strip Club Lap Dances


One of the dance types performed in strip clubs is lap dance. It is a strongly erotic way of dances as the performer can be nude, topless or having just a few pieces of clothes on. It depends on the strip club’s policies and the local laws. When the performer’s partner is sitting on a couch it’s called couch dance.

How is lap dance performed?

The performer sits on the lap of the partner or stays at a close distance from him or her. Sometimes when the policy allows, touching of the dancer by the partner or touching the partner by the dancer is also permitted.  Whether lap dance is just entertainment or sex work is debated.  Many say it’s more of fun even if it is piquant rather than sexual activity. A good example of lap dance can be found here.

Where is lap dance present?

It is performed by most of the strip clubs in the world, no matter if it’s in Europe, America or Australia or even much more locations, the lap dance is popular anywhere. If you take a look at checklists of girls on the internet you will find lap dance on it. As the laws vary country by country, therefore the rules are different too.

Changes in the lap dance performances

Lapdance is present from the 70s in Canada and the USA. In the beginning, the performers were paid by the clubs, but in the course of time, it has changed.  Nowadays many strip clubs deem lapdance as a showcase for promoting the strip club girls body.  The performers get their money from the tips from the customer or many strip clubs have standard charges for the dances. Sometimes from this amount of money, the dancers have to pay the club.  Few studies found out that women often become lap dancers because of the lack of other job opportunities, but on the other hand, many women enjoy that they have the chance to combine fun with work.

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