Canada Strip Clubs Backfire on Police Operation!


Canada’s laws regarding prostitution are bleak since not even the police respect them! Cops spread the entire country are occupied by a major rescue mission. Rescue that no one needed anyways, that is.

A number of respected organizations and co-related individuals wrote and are signing an open letter for the British Columbia Police. Supportive to the sex workers, the common letter requires of the police to stop sticking their noses into businesses.

The Mission

The Operation goes by the name Northern Spotlight and it’s of state-concern duty. It’s secret is to start catfishing women sex workers across entire Canada. The part of initiative calls for fake Backpage (and other) accounts and impersonation of fabricating identities.

Servicemen in act of the mission have to arrange dates with the girl through social networks in order to get in touch with the sex worker. When the right opportunity comes, the detective tries to save the girl suspected victim of human trafficking.

Brenda Palak, lawyer of Pivot Legal Society is against the police initiative and she speaks publicly. By the way, Pivot Legal Society is a legal advocacy organization standing in defense to the ‘marginalized’.

Nevertheless, she says that the police probably think they’re playing superheroes with capes since they didn’t do anything except making it harder for the sex workers to live. That being said, deployed counter-measures caused counter-effects. Their primary intent is to fight and combat human trafficking. And things are getting out of hand for them.

Crime fighters being the crime itself

Palak also states that what they’ve been up to is pure misconduct of the already regulated law. Back in 2014, Canada took an approach to the prostitution and strip clubs cause. The regarded circle of laws stated the following.

Simply said ‘It’s illegal to buy sex, but it’s legal to sell sex’. We disengaged any complex legal terms for you. Virtually, the cops kept breaking the law with their good intents and manners. It falls to them, that they have not endangered shady clients, rather they endangered those who they wished to save in the first place!

The ‘Northern Spotlight’ Operation was first to the table for the Ontario’s Durham Regional Police. Let me remind you that Ontario is the second largest city of Canada by population.

Nonetheless, huge raids aside from the project are reported since 2014, when they gathered the information about the mission. One occurred on October 2015, and the second exactly one year later in October.

The more recent raid involved the FBI and 53 Canadian police agencies on the case. You could say that the matter got out of hand. Since it involved federal units. The Pivot Legal Society received numerous complaints from individuals regarding the raids.

On the sole concern of sex worker individuals. They claim that in those raids, the victims aren’t clients anymore, but sex workers themselves.

Criticism against police

Lawyer Brenda Belak criticizes the police for not obtaining any search warrants for frisking up strip clubs like that. They were entering private working space without a serious legal note, and that’s all been a part of the operation, making it wrongful. Belak says that some of the sex workers got requests from the catfishing cops out of the bounds of sex service.

One prostitute spoke on behalf of the girls. Jelena Vermilion, 23-year-old working in Ontario says it’s tiring her, the constant police involvement. They’re not dealing with it the right way, she thinks. Jelena speaks that prostitutes deserve more respect and dignity withal.

Over the years they acquired more reliefs, yet they enjoy freedom. She said that the ever- message getting across never succeeded. Nobody listens. She referred to her and her colleagues that they’re being treated like babies.

There’s a gap between human trafficking and consensual sex work. Two different things. One’s forcing you to do so and the other is based on your agreement.

Funny thing is that Belak also thinks the same as her defendant. Police were administering medicine for a non-existent disease. The outcome of the operation will be far worse than it was without the interference.

It lowers the trust in the Canada police, so if one of the prostitutes is actually under threat of trafficking, she’s unlikely to bring herself to them for help.

Part of the letter and Conclusion

The remaining case isn’t yet to be conclusive. The declaration for stopping police involvement is still in the process. There are no further reports on this case. Canada is facing a larger quantity of problems if mission “escape rope” proceeds!


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