Good and Bad Strip Club Etiquette According To Strippers


In our society, we have some clearly defined rules of ethics for most situations that we face. But when it comes to „underground” places like a strip club, things aren’t always that clear. A bit of human decency will take you a long way. Yet it doesn’t make you see things through strippers eyes. So let’s see what kind of attitudes they like and don’t like in the form of some useful tips.

Don’t Ask Them To Marry You

The messiah complex always kicks in for some men. They say things like, „oh you’re such a nice girl”, „you’re so smart” or „you shouldn’t be doing this”. Trust me, neither of the girls need saving. They are there because of cultural conditioning to some extent. But most of the girls don’t want to raise families and would rather have their independence. So asking them to get married or change jobs won’t get you anywhere. If they went out with everyone that asked them out on a date, they wouldn’t have any time.

Yet you might actually come across a stripper you actually like. Maybe you see something more in her. In that case, it’s still a better option to just come back to see her again. If she likes you too then she’ll go out with you the third time you ask her.

Don’t Jizz Your Pants

A sexy lap dance sure gets your juices flowing but it’s your job to make sure that they don’t flow outside your body. Or at least outside of your pants, because that’s nasty! It get’s really uncomfortable for a girl if she feels something warm and sticky on the back of her leg. So make sure it doesn’t happen, by wearing a proper pair of pants. Not shorts, but something long and preferably thick. But not jeans either, because that’s quite uncomfortable.

Don’t Try To Have Sex With The Dancers

A lot of guys share the misconception of believing that if a woman is in the sex industry, she will have sex with you for money. While that may apply to some women (maybe a lot of them), that’s not what a strip club is about. Most professional striptease dancers won’t accept money to have sex with you. You should just enjoy your dance or head out to a brothel instead.

It’s important that you understand the boundaries girls have in a strip club. Otherwise, you will only create an awkward situation. Like when you stand up during a private dance or any other session. You’ll either be asked politely by the girl to sit down, or the security will throw you out within a few seconds.

Be Nice and Playful Instead and Not Creepy

You go to the strip club to stare at girls and maybe make some connections too. But there are lines that you shouldn’t cross because it will only make you into a creep in girl’s eyes. For example, don’t tell them if they resemble one of your relatives or something. Think about what you should keep to yourself in these situations before you ask for a private lap dance.

Quick Note: Here’s a great article and documentary that will help you get the idea of what kind weird of people strippers meet sometime:

Always Smell Nice

I need not tell you why some strip clubs are called gentlemen’s clubs. I shouldn’t stress too much about the fact that you should take a shower before you go there too. Don’t go right after work or while you’re sweaty. You’re going to have girls rubbing on you for at least an hour and they’ll have to enjoy it too. So always take a shower and wear some deodorant when you go to a strip club.

Fetish Play Costs Extra

If you want to enjoy something that falls outside the margin of normal services, that will cost some extra cash. Like if you have some weird fetish for example. If you want to be whipped, smell butts or wear a wig or something, you can. But don’t expect that they’ll do it for free. Some girls might be creeped out but some extra cash takes you a long way, as you already know it.

Be Respectful

Some guys really really have the wrong idea about strip clubs and people in general. They go to a strip club and treat the girls like trash. Sure, the girls are making money by showing off their bodies. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth anything more. Some of them are mothers or students. There’s a story of a girl who started out with stripping and became a world-class surgeon, numerous years later.

Quick Note: Showing respect towards women is the most important rule in the book. But there are other not so obvious ones, which we explained in our article:

It’s Great If You Have a Personal Connection

A strip club isn’t all about buying what the girls are selling. During an hour-long talk, there’s a lot of room for talking. It’s rarely about enjoying the girl’s dance throughout an entire hour. It’s okay to talk about other non-related stuff. In fact, the girls really like it too. Strippers are therapists too in a weird way. A lot of people use the time they spend with them as a safe space to speak their mind. It’s perfectly okay to want a personal connection. You can bring your favorite girl some flowers or a cupcake next time.

Some perfume and a flower will do miracles.


It doesn’t take a diplomat to be well-behaved in a strip club and be liked by girls. If you follow a few simple rules of ethics, you won’t have any tension. This way, it’s much easier to enjoy yourself fully. Especially for the girl to give you a lap dance you’ll remember. Just be nice and treat the girls with respect all the way. If you want to read about the direct opinions of some awesome strippers, check out these interviews, done by VICE!


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