All The Advice You Need To Be Better at Sexting


Ever since we started to use more sophisticated mobiles and smartphones, it has reshaped the way we communicate. It has also reached down to the depths of our sexual lives, marking a kind of “revolution”. We use online dating apps and share some of our most intimate moments through chat applications. Sexting has become very common among partners and even teenagers. It’s a pretty shaky ground when it comes to underage people doing it, but let’s not dive into that. If we adults do it, it’s fine and even demanded some people. Why would you see someone else’s genital in the bedroom for the first time, right? Sexting is a very kinky experience for a lot of people and has become an art form in itself. It can almost be as exciting as a trip to the strip club.

We’re looking to discover the insights of sexting and how to do it like a real pro. A good thing to remember before we start, sending pictures of your dick doesn’t help one bit. Not that you should wear a condom for protection. But because showing off a sweaty erected penis isn’t the most aesthetic view.

So, How Do You Write Sext Like a Pro?

Sexting is a form of self-expression like every other art form and it’s also better with a set of clearly defined rules you can follow.

The most important rule is that sexting always starts with your partner’s consent. If she says no, then sending dick pics to her won’t improve the situation. Be sure that you’re not too direct in your approach. By that I mean don’t go head against the wall and ask her “do you want to sext”. Instead be more implicit in how you ask it. Ask her if “it’s okay for you if I get a little dirty now” or “you don’t want to know about the dirty things going on in my head right now”. You can provoke her to ask you for your dirty thoughts with the latter.

If you get things rolling, it’s important that you’re doing it sensibly. Do a bit of foreplay before you put it in balls deep. Tell her how you would kiss her and slowly reach down between her legs while biting down on her neck. You don’t have to write a novel or be too inventive, just write what you would do normally. Just make sure that what you’re writing isn’t stiff. Saying that “I’m currently unzipping your pants” isn’t something sexy.

Use The Proper Language

Sexting is a language game and it gets better if you flex your creative muscles. The most important part here is to be literal in how you describe your actions. Being clear on what you would do and what you would like to happen is important. It helps her visualize everything and elevate her excitement. Describe things implicitly, drop hints and don’t be too explicit if you don’t have to. Don’t worry, if she wants to catch on to your hints, she will. Implicitly is a lot sexier than explicit.

Language allows you to put some volume on where you want it to be, so use it wisely. Just be sure to keep some healthy boundaries. Don’t get too greedy and ask her to send nudes or pictures of her boobs. If she sends you some, then it’s great. There’s a lot more to talk about. But always be respectful.

Also, don’t ever send her pictures of your dick unless she asks you to. Sexting is more about teasing the other person than going at it with hardcore stuff. The most important thing is to make the other person feel special. Your text should be more about her, how she looks and what you love about her so much.

What Kind Of Images To Send

There are days when you aren’t looking your best. For those days, it’s okay to send some of your best stock photos. Let’s face it. You have plenty of photos of yourself on your phone, so there’s enough to choose from. Yet, pictures you took on the fly will be much sexier because you share a moment that way. Also, a person will feel more special if you take a photo just of them. Like I already established above, that’s the most important thing in sexting. To make each other feel truly special.

A tatooed man posing topless.


As you might have already guessed, sexting isn’t rocket science, nor is it brain surgery. It’s a simple (but very sexy) interaction between two people. Which is why its roots are buried deep within the foundations of a healthy relationship. The main goal is to excite the other person and to make her feel special. If both of you have this part down, then you’ll have yourself a really sexy night!
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