Cardi B New York strip club fight and Nicki Minaj feud


Allegedly, Cardi B attacked two bartenders and got into a fight with them in a New York strip club. Cardi B also got into a heated feud once again with Nicki Minaj. According to witnesses, hands, shoes and even chairs were flying all around. Cardi B is known for her scandalous behavior and she’s been in numerous similar incidents since the beginning of her career. Today, we are talking about her New York strip club fight “incident” and her back and forth with Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B attacks two bartenders in New York strip club fight

Cardi B was at Angels Strip Club due to the fact that her husband, Offset, was performing there that night. The two female bartenders working in the club were apparently suspected of having an affair with Cardi’s husband, and thus she attacked. The two women were injured, according to sources, but refused medical attention. Cardi ended up turning herself in to the authorities afterwards, and was charged with assault.

It’s okay to assume, but to act on assumptions is a bit hasty. In my opinion, Cardi should’ve thought this one through, honestly. All she did was get herself into a deeper hole, and got nothing out of it. However, Cardi B is known for similar behavior and she showed this on the New York Fashion Week too.

Cardi B and Niki Minaj feud at the New York Fashion Week

Cardi’s and Nicki’s feud went to new heights when they had an altercation at the New York Fashion Week. Reportedly, Cardi B went up to Nicki to “confront” her about lies that Nicki was allegedly spreading. However, she got hit in the head by a security guard before she could do anything. After that, she apparently threw a shoe at Nicki and thus got escorted out of the room.

After these events, Nicki said that her friend Rah-ali was the one who hit Cardi in the head, and not the security guard. Nicki was also quoted that she hit her multiple times in the head. Thus, Cardi’s sister stepped in to start a feud with Rah-ali about her sharing Cardi’s phone number online. Of course, Nicki denied the claim and agreed that she wouldn’t speak of this ever again.

nicki minaj cardi b new york fashion week feud

A couple of days after, Cardi took to Instagram and made a few videos that seem to be directed towards Nicki. Cardi B was accusing Nicki of lying too much, and not being able to keep up with her own lies. This is due to the fact that Nicki said she had the footage from the New York Fashion Week night, and then said she’d pay someone $100,000 for the footage. The footage in reference is, of course, the New York Fashion Week footage from that night.


Right now, Cardi completely stopped posting about Nicki, or even got rid of her posts towards Nicki. She also said that she was too tired of the constant feud between them. Apparently, she wants to end it once and for all, and she’s willing to talk or fight it out. Nicki agreed to some degree, saying it was funny and enjoying to watch to some people, but she was done with the nonsense. Cardi B spread the tweet and agreed with it.

If all is well, this is hopefully the end of their long lasting feud. Or, perhaps, the feud never existed? Who knows, only time will tell.


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