Gelsenkirchen authorities carry out control operation targeting sex workers


Gelsenkirchen authorities have carried out a control operation focusing on sex workers. The operation involved officials from the city, police, and customs, and aimed to ensure compliance with the Prostitution Protection Act, which seeks to protect sex workers from exploitation and abuse.

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During the operation, a sauna club and four apartments were inspected, and a total of 21 sex workers and two other individuals were checked. The inspection was part of the “GeOS” project (Together for Order and Security), which aims to improve safety and order in the city.

The inspection revealed that five sex workers did not have the required residence permit, and proceedings were initiated against them. Three other sex workers did not have the necessary registration under the Prostitution Protection Act, and were asked to remedy the situation immediately. A spokesperson for the city emphasized that prostitution in Germany must be registered under the law to improve the working conditions of sex workers and prevent exploitation.

The control operation was carried out in response to complaints from local residents about the presence of sex workers in the city. The goal was to ensure that sex workers were operating legally and safely, and to prevent criminal activities related to prostitution.

The city of Gelsenkirchen has a total of 42 registered prostitution establishments, but unregistered prostitution activities are also known to take place in the city. The control operation is part of the city’s ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with the Prostitution Protection Act and to protect sex workers from exploitation and abuse. The city has also established a counseling center for sex workers, which provides information and support on legal, social, and health issues.

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