A Gentleman’s Guide To Making The Most Of Your Favorite Strip Club


A strip club is filled with amazing things for a man’s eye to behold. Most of them are vibrant and have so much sweet action going on, that you get confused from all the great stimuli. You, just like anyone else, will want to make the most of your night out. So, learning the essential ethics and unspoken rules of strip clubs will help you achieve it.

The ecosystem in a strip club is very different from other clubs you might go to. If you act accordance with the natural rules within this ecosystem, you’ll do yourself a favor. It’s the way to have an amazing time there and be an integral part of everything going on there. You’ll definitely be better off if you take the time to think of these simple rules and let them sink in. So let’s see what the rules of the jungle are!


Say What You Want And Be Respectful

A strip club is a real dream world for men, you can just walk up to anyone and ask for what you want. Each of the girls is cherry-picked for their good looks, high charisma, and outstanding communication skills. You won’t regret spending time with any of them.

You can just walk up to a girl and invite her to join you for the night and maybe even buy her a drink or two. You can even leave her or the bartender with the tip if you’re feeling more generous. Here’s another gentleman’s guide to explain why and in what context should you do that.

During your conversation with the stripper, you can tell her what you want from her and get it on the spot. But the girls will even walk up to you if they think that you’re too shy to ask. If you want to hang out with another girl, you can just politely deny the offer. It’s the same thing like talking to waiters in a restaurant.

Wearing The Right Outfit

Having an outstanding outfit is the first, most important thing for a gentleman. It speaks that you have respect towards yourself and the girls. It will also be your pass into classier clubs. Here are a couple of awesome tips on how to be truly elegant and wear your outfit like a real gentleman.

While in regular clubs, you don’t have to shine to gain an entrance. If you put on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, you’ll be good to go. But even there, if you put some classy clothes on, you’ll definitely have more of the girls’ awareness. Also, always wear underpants! It might seem obvious to have a pair on, but it is still worth mentioning. There are plenty of guys who forgot them at home.

To go the extra mile and ensure that dancing on your lap will be comfortable for the girls, wear something softer than jeans. Make sure that your front pockets are empty because you don’t want anything harder getting in the way of your fun.

A guy posing in classy clothes

The Most Important Rule: Always Stay Gentleman

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind to ensure you have a great time is to relax and stay cool. You are in a completely safe and discrete environment, with plenty of good, classy company. What is there to worry for? If you see anything unusual, just roll with it and enjoy yourself.

Grab a couple of drinks, sit back and just enjoy yourself. But don’t have too much though. If you are too drunk, it’s more likely that you’ll do something unpleasant. That would only cause trouble. With this note, keep in mind that any of the girls would sleep with you. So, don’t get too hooked on the idea, because it will only lead to disappointment. You can still fully enjoy the show and embrace what you see with amazement. If you want close contact, you can just go on private dances. But remember that the girl is always in control. So there’s no touching until she explicitly says that she allows it. You can only roll with the rules here. Though its much easier if you learn more about who strippers are and what kind of life experiences they have. You can read about them in one of our articles.

Understanding How The Pricing Works

Remember that strip clubs aren’t the cheapest places to spend have a drink or spend the night at. Especially if you fancy some more premium drinks. Also, if you invite the girl to join you, you’ll have to buy a drink for her too. But given the service you’ll receive, it can definitely be worthwhile. The girls there will guide you through the night of your life.

Just remember to stay respectful. Remain a gentleman and any girl in a strip club will love you. Girls love gentlemen.

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