Man lost over €70,000 in San Francisco credit card scam


Multiple men have reported about a San Francisco credit card scam that’s happening in a popular strip club group. Apparently, the cards of these customers was charged without their consent.

Police is investigating a club group named Déjà Vu. The following strip clubs are part of this group:

All of these strip clubs have a mediocre rating on Google and on other strip club review websites. Allegedly, these four clubs have already used the San Francisco credit card scam on more than a dozen clients.


San Francisco credit card scam reports

According to one man, he passed out in Garden of Eden after only one beer. The guy reported that his bill was around €1,300 the last he remembers. When he woke up and checked his account in the morning, there was an unbelievable €70,000 bill from the strip club.

Another monger reported that he was being charged with about €2,000 when he was expecting a €200 bill at Little Darlings. He wanted to use a credit card, but the staff told him that their machine rejects the card. When he went to pick up some cash from an ATM, the next morning, he’s account was completely drained.

What do the strip clubs have to say?

A spokesperson of the strip club group stated that there’s no chance of any fraud happening. Since the clubs use extreme measures to ensure that this cannot happen, he said that these are just accusations. He also stated that “At no time is a dancer able to process a credit card charge without the patron present.”

This scam is only one of the many credit card fraud attempts that have happened recently. Looks like this is the new way of scamming clients in strip clubs. If you want more information about the situation in San Francisco, check out this Mirror article.

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