Why Men Love Strip Clubs and Strippers So Much


Everyone has their own reasons to go to a strip club. Maybe it’s to get over a girl, to enjoy the dances and the good view or to have some company. If we are honest, there are a lot of other reasons guys go to strip clubs and hire strippers. The biggest reason is to satisfy all our sexual desires and fantasies to the fullest. What better place to do it than in the sex industry. It’s a place for men to live their hidden lives.

Another one of those is loneliness. Even me or you, we just want to have some company sometimes without any expectation of sex. For some men, the attention they get at a strip club might be all they during that week.

During a survey in Great Britain, 22% of them admitted to having visited a strip club, 12% admitted to having visited a prostitute and about 66% has admitted watching porn on a regular basis. In porn, you can see people do what they would do when they are allowed to do just about anything. Guys take the same attitudes with them to the strip club and brothels as well.

The strongest emotion that drives men to these activities and to visit strip clubs is loneliness and the need for intimacy. They are some of humans most basic needs.

A Few Types Of Guys In a Strip Club

Some strippers get letters from their clients and share them anonymously to help and bring awareness to certain problems. Namely the fact that guys contact sex workers when they feel utterly lonely and worthless. Poor men, for example, go to a strip club to feel power for a short time. Bad guys can’t get a date so it’s a great alternative. Insecure guys never learned to talk to a girl so they try themselves with strippers.

As an ex-stripper shared once, one of her clients was a 30-year-old dude who admitted that he has never slept with a woman. Another one is a 24-year-old guy who was utterly lonely at his desk job and felt like he didn’t matter to anyone. So in one word, guys end up in the strip club simply to receive therapy. Maybe to find someone who listens to them.

Toppless woman.

All the guys want their dose of the nudity, but it’s attention they want the most. Finally, you the guy gets pursued not the girl. There’s a feeling of safety in that because nothing you can say or do would end badly. You will see the girl naked either way. You are completely freed from the burden of having to make the first move.

Quick Info: Though if you want to have a really good time and make sure the girls love you from top to bottom, check out this article about strip club etiquette: https://stripclubwien.com/articles/good-bad-strip-club-etiquette-according-strippers/


Even though it doesn’t sound too flattering that a lot of men in strip clubs are either unattractive, awkward or desperate for human connection. But those aren’t just the kinds of guys who visit a strip club. Because a proper gentlemen’s club holds a lot of great things for its visitors. Besides the beauties of the female form, the girls also make you feel like a sex god for a short period of time. There are always some real gentlemen who are just looking to have some quality fun. It’s worth their time and money which the girls are definitely glad to be part of.


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