Why An Abduction Is Some People’s Greatest Sexual Desire


We’ve looked through a bunch of strange fetishes and kinks on this site already. People are always looking to take their sex lives to the next level and choose to do it in strange ways. Some people would consider their ways absolutely terrifying. But it seems that some people genuinely enjoy abuse and would choose instead of going to the strip club.

The idea of abduction is absolutely terrifying for most normal people, but some guys and gals pay for it. They get excited about the idea of being stuffed into a trunk and taken to a warehouse somewhere to be tortured and abused. This is the world of BDSM, where one person’s nightmare is another one’s ultimate desire. Many individuals pay BDSM caves and dominatrixes to guide them through a kidnapping fantasy. Which will end up getting them, well, kidnapped? Someone ties them up, stuffs them into a car and off they go to a BDSM cave for some kinky torture. Sounds fun right? Wait until you read the rest.

How It Goes Down

BDSM fetishes are becoming more widespread on the internet and all over the world. Submissives give their consent and pay cash up front for this kidnapping and torture. Big cities like New York and Vienna, create the perfect setting for these fantasies. Plenty of wealthy people have money to spare on the strangest fetishes that let them explore themselves in a different way. Individuals who are powerful in their day-to-day lives can experience a complete loss of power. They give control to a daunting dominatrix in a latex dress. One of these ladies is Mistress Darcy.

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Darcy conducts kidnappings that are pretty expensive. They involve plenty of tools and various locations. But her BDSM dungeon is the most frequent venue because it has all the tools a scene like this needs. Darcy has training in martial arts too and knows how to make guys drop to their knees and they’ll even pass out if she wants them to. The most sensitive part of her job, however, is to surprise her clients. These guys always want a surprise but the mistress can’t cross their boundaries. Darcy’s main goal is to headfuck them within the boundaries they established. They’ll be heavily fucked by the ones they didn’t though. They won’t be permanently physically damaged but get incredibly fucked up. No details about the abduction are shared because it would ruin the surprise.
Once everything is set, the mistress arranges an Uber drive for her victim and the fun starts. Once she gets into the car beside him, she holds a gun to him. After that, the guy gets tied up and taken to the dungeon where he will get fucked up.

Why Is It Attractive?

In a survey, about every 5th individual reported having some kind of violent sexual fantasy. They fantasize about being subject to abduction, receiving torture or just subjected to a pair of really rough hands. But not everyone who has fantasies about these things actually wants an abduction. Those who do, however, enjoy the loss of control.

In our society, any sexual activity falls outside our norms is a subject to shaming. In BDSM and abduction fantasies, however, the individual can bypass that shame. They can say “oh, it isn’t my fault” and treat it like they are forced to take part. The absolution of the guilt that comes with some kind of kinky activity, is what makes abduction fetish attractive for a lot of people.

Another potential motivation for these fantasy lovers is their bodily reactions. You know that high you experience from an increased heart rate? When people fantasize about violent encounters and violent sexual fantasies their body reacts to it. They experience an increased heart rate, muscle tension, maybe even a bit of shaking. These feelings are much more intense during a session in a BDSM cave. Although these feelings aren’t actually pleasant, they will turn pleasant if they’re accompanied by some kind of sexual arousal. They get really excited and experience it in a pleasant way.


BDSM fantasies are really out there and often take a lot of time and energy to prepare. Yet it’s very much worth it for people who crave for the loss of power. Being tied up, whipped and tortured seems like the ultimate excitement for them. So, why would anyone stop these guys from having a blast?

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