Take a Look Inside Japan’s Weird Sex Industry


When it comes to sex and weird but kinky fantasies, Japan is a place to behold. The country’s inhabitants have given births to some of the weirdest fantasies mankind has ever seen. They have also created one of the most notorious sexual paradises on the planet. There’s a venue like a blowjob bar, strip club, cuddle bar, host bar and similar places on every popular street around Tokyo. A lot of these places offer strippers and hookers that will dress up as your favorite anime character. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than that. In fact, this thriving sex industry is due to a cultural issue. The slow but consistent decay of Japan’s population.

With people working around the clock in 16 hour shifts, it’s no surprise that they’re not dating. For many of them, work just ends up winning out. Women are more likely to choose a career instead of raising children, building a family and doing house work. They are completely disillusioned with love and a relationship seems like such a hassle. So both men and women look in other places for affection. They don’t have a shortage of places that provide it.

The unending vortex of sexual services is only growing in the land of the rising sun. You can have sex with an anime girl, a doll or just have someone to talk to for money. It’s pretty awesome to have your favorite character stripping in your lap. But you can enjoy just about any aspect of a relationship by buying it in a package. Because this country has commodified everything we love in a man-woman relationship.

At The Core of Things

Fewer people are getting into a relationship with each new generation in Japan. A government survey has shown that 50% of women between the age of 18 and 35 are single. In the case of men, 60% around the same age are single as well. As a result, there are more people above the age of 60 and way less below 15 years of age. Basically with the population dropping, there are more strip clubs, brothels, and similar establishments opening.

People come up with plenty of explanations to why this is. Maybe it’s because of men’s attitude towards women. Approaching an actual girl and talking to her, seems to involve serious risks for them. They are very shy and act pretty awkwardly, unable to handle the situation. So many of them choose to spend their money on playing cards and video games during their 20’s instead. There are plenty of video games that simulate a girlfriend. If they want a more physical experience, they might try sex dolls or fuck pillows. Maybe they want a more emotional relationship. No problem, since a lot of dolls are able to talk as well. It’s no wonder that it’s hard for women to hook up with them or have an intelligent conversation.

Extra Info: VICE has made an awesome documentary on Japan’s sex industry. You should really check it out if this ignited a spark in your fantasy: https://www.vice.com/sv/article/xd58kj/the-japanese-love-industry

A Strange Sex Culture

There’s a product you can buy, to replace just about any aspect of a relationship. For starters, you can buy toy boobs, ass, pussy, fuck pillows and even a fuckable Pikachu if that’s your thing. There is no shortage of weird sex toys and fetishes that’s for sure. You might even find virtual sex conventions if you arrive at the right time. But where do people go if they want to have sexy time with humans?

Men have plenty of places to choose from. They can either go to a strip club or a hostess bar. They can watch women dance for them or have dinner with them. For a couple of hundred bucks, they can bathe in female attention all night. If they want something more emotional, they go to cuddle cafes. Here, a cute girl greets them, hugging and kissing them throughout an hour. There are plenty of places to enjoy more hardcore fetishes though. You can have your ass whipped, have some truly fantastic sex or watch tentacle porn with somebody.

Women have some pretty solid options as well. Take host bars for example. They can have all the male attention they wouldn’t get normally. The only strange thing about these places is the fact that nobody’s getting laid. It’s all about talking and having a few laughs on a Saturday night. Most of the ladies that go there don’t even want a boyfriend. Their idea of romance has already been shattered. Of course, if they have the same options that guys have, all it takes for them is reach out.

Nothing wrong with a bit of roleplay

Behind the Scenes

Tokyo features more than 200 brothels and strip clubs, along with some very strange places. You don’t have to go far to enjoy some sexy time, that’s for sure. But who do you guess is running the show? Well the notorious gang, Yakuza of course!

Just about every red light district, strip club, brothel and sex bar operates under their care. They make sure that everything goes smoothly and the people get the service they paid for. Needless to stress the fact that business is booming and Japan’s sex industry continues to grow every year.


Whether you have a very specific fantasy you want to fulfill or you just want to have sex with Pokemon, Japan is the place to be. It a rabbit hole of dirty adventures and who knows what kind of places it holds for you. Its population is decaying but there are more sex workers making a good living out of it. I leave it to you to forge your opinions out what you gathered here.


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