Two Female Filmmakers Try What’s It Like To Work in a Strip Club


A strip club can be a really glamorous place, but few are curious about what happens behind the scenes. Or as some of you might already know, some strip clubs aren’t really glamorous. Two famous filmmakers, Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo visit a dangerous strip club, located in Moriarty, New Mexico. It is a trucker club called club 203, where “strippers go to die”. The girls heard rumors that it is a really rough place with plenty of rough people. But they went with their decision anyway. Finding out what it was like for a woman to grind in a place like this, was their mission.

It would only be one week of work for them and will make great material for their documentary. They have met plenty of weird people along the way too. Their trip was something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. You can see the full movie right here.

An Unusual Place

The girls got to club 203, in the middle of nowhere. It’s a place where truckers of Highway 40 come ease up a little after they’ve spent a lot of time on the road. Being so notorious, the girls heard plenty of ugly rumors about it being a really harsh place. They confirmed some of those rumors themselves. Though they still have all of their limbs and filmed a great movie, their trip wasn’t too easy. The two of them had to stay at a motel infested with roaches, flies and other bugs.

Natalia and Alexandra have intentionally put themselves in danger for their art. They were constantly facing the risk of being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the strange trucker, especially at night. Their job was only doing the striptease, but as things go, some truckers are interested in getting a little more attention. Neither of them ever danced before, so they were a bit nervous when they hit the club at night. After a few drinks, things started rolling and they met the truckers as well.

The First Night

The two big city girls’ first meeting with the truckers was like what you’d expect. They were faced with a lot of strange stares, unpleasant breaths, and awkward conversations. Of course, what all of them wanted most, was a bit of private time with either of the girls. They couldn’t have that.

Just a jusual day at a truckstop.

When the two of them stepped on stage, the guys went wild. It was the long night of dancing. They threw their bras to the ground and bruised their knees.  At the end, the two of them made $49 dollars dancing on their first night. They barely made any money.

A Dancer’s Drama

Natalia and Alexandra bothhad  face the emotionally draining effects of stripping. They both came to understand what strippers have to deal with after every dancing session and how they are treated. A strip club is not the environment that encourages women to love and respect themselves. The way that men were looking at them is truly uncomfortable. Guys just stare and hold the money, a single dollar.

But after having a conversation with a more experienced stripper, their view was changed. Even though it was a harsh reality, the girls found the pretty and the actual true side of things. It is the fact that a strip club and dancing was more about a therapy session. Most of the guys who come there, seek attention. Some of them didn’t get it for years, as long as anyone can tell. Some guys might not even have a real intimate experience with a woman. So, from that perspective, compassion took them a long way.


A one-eyed guy even shared his story and departed some meditation advice. He served in Vietnam during the war and got more than a hundred confirmed kills. After finishing the service he couldn’t handle it. He sat down with a bottle of wild turkey, a pistol, and a single bullet. He drank, and played a game of Russian roulette with himself, but put one more bullet in after each hit. After the third one the pistol went off and he shot himself in the head. After more than 7 hours he was still alive. After that came some creepy „spiritual“ touching.

On one occasion, they did indeed find themselves in danger. There are plenty of lunatics lurking in places like this, but luckily, they managed to run off.

Going Home

The girls went through the experience safe and sound. On the road, they even come to miss the place in a weird way. Seeing a strip club as a place for therapy sessions is liberating in some way. The experience washed away their preconceived notions about this industry and the people in it. Another successful strippers story will also fascinate you if you liked theirs. She started a great business after she stopped working a s a dancer.

Naturally, all credits go to Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite for their wonderful work. They both gave Vice an interview, in which they shared all of their experiences. You can read all of it right here.

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