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Vienna is well-known for its diversity when it comes to sex clubs, brothels, night-life and the customers can easily find a place to have fun. There are also many persons who want to enjoy the services of an escort in the comfort of their hotel room. For those who want an escort but also to enjoy intimacy and peace, there are some agencies which can provide these services. In this article we will present you a summary of one of the best agencies you can find in the city – Escort Girls Vienna, also known as EGV.

Strip Club Maxim Wien

Details about the Escort Girls Vienna agency

Escort Girls Vienna is a popular agency, with credibility and the customers who have benefited from its services have always provided a positive feedback. The agency has a lot of experience in the escort industry and this is another strength that makes us recommend it to you. Although Escort Girls Vienna is an agency with popularity among customers, prices are not out of the ordinary and we will continue by presenting their rates:

  • 1 hour = 250€
  • 2 hours = 440€
  • 3 hours = 600€
  • 4 hours = 750€
  • 5 hours = 900€

Unlike other escort agencies, Escort Girls Vienna has real posts and the girls you find on the web page can be also found in reality. The fact that this escort agency does not have false photos is a plus and the customers appreciate it. Escort Girls Vienna knows that in order to be one of the best agencies that provides escorts, ads have to be real. The girls also do not use photos modified in Photoshop. All those who had benefited of their services said that the girls look exactly how they are advertised on the web page.

Daisy is one of the most beautiful escorts who works for Escort Girls Vienna. If you want to read more about her, you can access this Sex-Vienna escort review. Due to the fact that EGV is an agency with a history in this domain, many girls start their career here. That means you can ask for the services of this agency with confidence, because there are always new girls willing to satisfy you.

The prostitutes who work for EGV are professional, provide high-quality services and they don’t have prejudices. Because the girls have all these qualities, we can say that at Escort Girls Vienna you can find the best prostitutes from the city. Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is that the prostitutes from EGV are always supported by the agency and they receive advice every time. Unlike an FKK studio, the girls who work for the EGV agency have an entire staff to talk about with their job and everyone is receptive to the needs they have.

daisy, ariana and maria from escort girls vienna egv

Official Escort Agency of Stripclub and Sex Club Maxim Wien

Stripclub and Sex Club Maxim Wien is one of the most famous clubs in Vienna.  Escort Girls Vienna (EGV) is the escort agency of this club. Maxim has a lot of credibility in this domain and the escort agency EGV maintains the same high level of services. This escort agency is one that offers seriousness and clients who want to have intimacy can take the escorts to their hotel room. This is a benefit that cannot be found in most sex clubs and the customers appreciate this detail. The prostitutes who work at Escort Girls Vienna are professional, beautiful and they know how to treat each client. This sex club can easily satisfy the tastes of the clients through its diversity and services.


Escort Girls Vienna is an escort agency that has all the qualities which are required to satisfy the needs of different clients. All the girls who work here are professional and they have real photos on the club’s web page, where they are promoted. Over time, many customers have benefited from EGV services and the feedback has been positive. Unlike other escort agencies, here you will be treated very well and because of their diversity, you can choose the right escort for you. Many other escort agencies tend to promote false ads with the purpose to attract customers, the girls’ pictures are edited and this can cause unpleasant situations.

Everyone wants to have great moments when they go to a sex club or when they book an escort, so the locations which are not serious should be avoided. Escort Girls Vienna is an agency that offers quality services and it has many years of experience in this domain. The prostitutes who work there are carefully selected so you do not have to worry about being scammed. If you are looking for an experienced girl, Escort Girls Vienna is an agency that offers quality and it has many years of experience. You can check out the beautiful girls that are on offer and their reviews on the Escort Girls Vienna Booking page.


Address:  Kärntner Straße 61 – 1010 Vienna, Austria

Phone number: +43 699 1 7172 031

Email address:

Web pages:


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