Does the Corona virus affect the Vienna sex industry?

By now, you have probably heard of the Corona virus that started in China at the end of last year. The virus has spread to numerous countries in a short while and many people are afraid because of this. Seemingly, the whole world is panicking because of the Corona virus, but in reality there’s no need to be frightened. Unfortunately, because of the mass hysteria surrounding this virus, it has hugely impacted many businesses around the world, including sex businesses in Vienna. What effect did the Corona virus have on the Vienna sex industry?

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What is the Corona virus and how does it spread?

First, let’s look at this new Novel Coronavirus and learn a few facts about it. The COVID-19 virus was first discovered in China, and it is speculated that it originated from a wet market in Wuhan. The virus’ main symptoms are similar to a common cold (shortness of breath, coughing, fever, fatigue), but there have been more dangerous cases that ended with multi-organ failure and pneumonia. Most Corona virus cases that resulted in death have happened to elderly people and people with weak immune systems. It is also important to remember that there have been more people who recovered from virus than those who have died from it. ,

This Coronavirus China Symptome virus’ main way of transmission is via respiratory droplets; usually through coughing or sneezing. However, according to studies, the virus can stay on surfaces for up to 8 hours. Because of this, everyone is urged to regularly wash their hands, especially after returning from public. People are also urged to keep their distance from those who are coughing or sneezing in order to not get infected. However, other than this, the Corona virus is very similar to a seasonal cold. In fact, much more people have died from the common flu than the Corona virus.

Vienna is safe from the Coronavirus

Although we have received reports of declining number of clients in Viennese sex establishments, Vienna is still safe from the Corona virus. Since there is no quarantine in place, it is completely safe to travel to and from Vienna.

woman in Vienna wearing face mask to not be infected with corona virus

Austria is not on the list of high risk countries chosen by the CDC and there is no serious case of the virus in Vienna. Because of this you are out of harm’s way if you travel to Vienna and there’s no need to cancel your trip because of widespread panic. You can continue doing business as usual until reliable sources indicate otherwise. If you have planned a trip to Vienna, do not cancel it because of fright and nervousness.

Parting words

Being aware of the situation and informing yourself about the virus is a very important thing. Everybody should definitely do every precaution in order to avoid the virus, such as washing your hands and avoiding sick individuals. However, there is no reason to panic about this Coronavirus and let it control your life. If you want to travel to Vienna, this is as good of a time as any. This 2019 Novel Corona virus is not as dangerous as people seem to think and there is no reason to panic.

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