The New VIP Program at Stripclub Maxim Wien

Stripclub Maxim Wien recently posted about its new VIP Membership system on their blog. It is an all-round reward system that allows you to collect points and then visit Maxim where you can get vouchers for them. With this awesome system, they are going to attract even more clients and motivate them to contribute and visit more.

Strip Club Maxim Wien

If you want to read the blog post on the Maxim official site, then click here: The Maxim VIP Reward Program is Ready

Since February 1st, 2020, everyone is able to become a Maxim VIP for free and start collecting points. This can be done online and offline as well. Let’s see what are the benefits that you immediately get just by registering a VIP Membership!

Enjoy the Benefits of Becoming a Maxim VIP Member

All you need to do is to create an account and you get access to information that a simple website visitor can’t see. Every time a new girl starts to work at Maxim, you will be among the first to know about it. Furthermore, you gain exclusive access to additional photos of the girls.

You will be able to start collecting points as a Maxim VIP Member and get rewarded by coupons and special offers in return. Also, by signing up, you become part of the Maxim Community, an insider who is able to share thoughts with others anonymously.

Now let’s get to the part where you can start collecting points and get rewarded with coupons and special offers in return!

How to Register for the Maxim VIP Program?

In order to become a Maxim VIP Member, you only need to go through a simple sign up process. Although you need to provide your name and some other details about yourself, your account will be fully anonymous. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the registration.

First, you need to visit the Maxim official website and hit the button that takes you to the registration page. Then, you need to fill out the form with your details and finalize the registration. It is completely free and you get a lot of benefits from it in the future.

You can access the profile you created any time you want. It is all clearly laid out, showing you the activities that you should complete in order to receive Maxim VIP points. The website will keep track of the amount of points you have at any given time.

How to Collect Maxim VIP Points Online?

You can get a lot of value out of a Maxim VIP Membership just by sitting in front of your computer. They even made sure that it doesn’t feel like a chore. It’s actually fun to collect VIP points and doesn’t require much effort either.

The easiest way to get points is just to properly fill out your profile. This will reward you +10 points. Then you can proceed to rate Maxim girls and get +5 points for each. There is also a list of websites where you can rate the club and get +10 points for every one of them.

Signing up for the Maxim Stripclub Vienna newsletter will reward you with another +10 VIP points. If you want to collect more points, you can stick around on the website and look for bugs and errors. These can be reported for additional points, if there are any.

How to Collect VIP Points Offline?

This one is also straightforward. All you need to do is visit Maxim or Schönbrunn, take a girl to the room and leave with the bonus points after. You can get these points through their escort services as well. Each room visit and escort girl booking rewards you with +10 points.

Maxim VIP banner

And this is only the beginning. There will be even more ways to collect points in the future. Stay tuned and visit the Nightclub Maxim Wien official website every now and then for more information. You can follow Maxim on Instagram, Facebook and other social media besides checking the website.

Have You Collected Enough Maxim Points? Time to Redeem Them

Maxim came up with its own VIP system to reward its clients on a regular basis. By collecting points, you can eventually visit Maxim and turn them into valuable vouchers. The more vouchers you get, the more fun you are going to have in the club.

Collect points and enhance your experience in the club. By joining the VIP Membership program now, you can join the Maxim Community and become an insider right from the beginning of this journey.

What is the Feedback on the Maxim VIP Program So Far?

We can see that a growing number of people on the forums share positive feedback on the Maxim VIP Program. Many of them look forward to see how this system is going to improve in the future and how they can enjoy its benefits even more.

According to PunterKing, a Sex-Vienna forum user who regularly posts there, the VIP system is already highly rewarding. He says that we will see some even more interesting things from Maxim in the future. He also talked about the user-friendly Maxim dashboard where you only need to log in to see the exclusive photos of the girls.

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