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In today’s article, we are going to make it clear how Loverboys usually find women and force them into prostitution. We are going to do this by bringing up two recent cases that the Sexclubwien blog wrote about in great detail.

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Former Boss of a Rocker Gang Forces 16-Year-Old into Prostitution

The case of this 36-year-old guy is currently on trial in Bonn, Germany. He faces charges for human trafficking and extortion. Not only that he forced a 16-year-old girl into prostitution but he also blackmailed a 51-year-old businessman for 2 years with two accomplices.

He met the girl in a disco 6 years ago and that’s when the pure manipulation began. The guy seduced the young girl and basically made her fall in love with him. She couldn’t resist the countless promises he made and the seemingly honest affection he showed towards her.

This type of manipulation is called the Loverboy Method.

Loverboys are constantly looking for girls who strive for financial and emotional support. This makes it very easy to fall into their trap. He acted like the perfect boyfriend, being kind and full of pleasant surprises. When he noticed that the girl is deep in love and there is no way back, he asked her to be a prostitute for him.

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From then on, she was meeting wealthy men and having sex with them over and over again for five years. She was basically a high-class escort who costed 500 Euros per session, 1000 Euros per night and another 500 if the client asked for additional services.

Of course, the Loverboy took all this money without a second thought. All the kindness turned into threats and intimidation using guns and with the participation of his gang members. Now let’s see how the other story played out where another Loverboy forced a 19-year-old into prostitution for years.

25-Years-Old Well-Situated Man Turns Out to be a Loverboy

This is a similar story than the previous one, except that it started as a more normal-looking relationship. The girl named Sabrina was 19-years-old at the time, while the guy was 25. At first, she and her mother had no clue that the whole situation will eventually turn into something really bad.

It all started to go downhill when the girl moved to her boyfriend’s place. It was in the same city that the girl lived in. She regularly visited her mother and became more and more secretive about the relationship over time. Since the girl fell deeply in love, she became submissive and willing to do everything the guy says.

This included selling her body for money on a regular basis. This is all because the Loverboy told her that he needs 10,000 Euros and she needs to help him get it. After all, Sabrina loved him so she couldn’t say no. It was an emotional rollercoaster that caused her to burst into tears in front of her mother, although she had to keep her mouth shut.

She loves him and is afraid of him at the same time. Meanwhile, she meets several clients per day as a prostitute. The Loverboy doesn’t want to risk her telling her mother about these things so he threatens Sabrina’s whole family.

She was afraid, yet she wanted to go home so she finally told her mother about the whole situation, claiming that she is doing it voluntarily. Sabrina was a prostitute for 4 years until the situation was gone so bad that she felt to the ground unconsciously on the street.

She ended up in the hospital. Once she felt better, Sabrina went back to her mom’s place to hide from the Loverboy. After a few phone calls and threatening messages, the guy disappeared. It got to the point where he was too afraid of the police.


Loverboys are constantly on the lookout for young and vulnerable girls. Once they fall into the trap, it is hard to break away. They fall in love and as a result, they typically spend years working as prostitutes against their will.

Even after these girls become free, this chapter of their life stays with them as a traumatic experience. As a result, they will find it hard to form long-lasting and meaningful relationships with anyone from the opposite sex.

Victims of Loverboys are full of anger and hatred that can lead to self-destructive behaviors and depression. In these cases, it usually requires the help of professionals who can lead these girls through therapy and make them able to cope with reality again.

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