Major Police Operation Rocks Carinthia

In a daring and unprecedented move, Carinthia has witnessed one of its largest criminal police endeavors in history. Armed to the teeth, over 200 officers, including the elite Cobra special forces, launched a three-day blitz of daily raids in Villach and Feldkirchen, from July 3 to July 5, leaving the region stunned.

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The operation, shrouded in secrecy until a press briefing at the State Police Headquarters on July 26, has sent shockwaves through the community. Gottlieb T├╝rk, the head of the Carinthian State Criminal Investigation Department, revealed the magnitude of the effort, involving dozens of targeted searches in brothels and sauna clubs. The primary objectives? Stamping out drug-related crimes, pimping, and money laundering.

The operation culminated in the arrest of nine suspects, with a majority hailing from Romania. Among the apprehended were six men aged between 35 and 48, a 30-year-old woman, a 42-year-old Italian man, and a 30-year-old Austrian woman.

The intensity of the raids resembled scenes straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Heavily armed officers struck simultaneously at various locations in Villach, including pizzerias, kebab shops, and private residences. Witnesses described the Cobra special forces, clad in their iconic masks and carrying powerful weapons, orchestrating a show of force that left onlookers awestruck.

As the operation shifted to Feldkirchen on July 4, the stakes rose even higher. Officers scoured buildings, private residences, businesses, and restaurants, meticulously combing the area for any sign of criminal activity. The coordinated response showcased months of meticulous preparation by the police force, assembling an impressive array of talent and expertise from various units across Carinthia.

The impact of this operation goes beyond mere spectacle. Cocaine with a street value of approximately 70,000 euros and a staggering sum of 57,000 euros in cash were seized, underscoring the severity of the criminal network the authorities were tackling.

Commended for their swift and decisive actions, the authorities have reaffirmed their commitment to safeguarding the region and its residents. The reverberations of this monumental operation will echo throughout Carinthia, sending a clear message that crime will not go unchecked.

As investigations continue, the public eagerly awaits further updates on the outcomes of these relentless raids. Carinthia has witnessed a true display of law enforcement prowess, and the fight against criminal elements is far from over.

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