Eve Bar Review (The Biggest Taxi Scam in Vienna)

The city of Vienna is attracting a lot of foreigners on a daily basis and there are always some people who find the way to scam them one way or another. After all, not everyone wants to put in the time and effort to establish a good stripclub. Scamming is a great way for them to earn easy money.

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We are here to provide you with some valuable information about one of the places where people get scammed all the time. The place is called Eve Bar, a great example to demonstrate how these scam establishments usually work.

Problems with Eve Bar

First off, Eve Bar is a highly expensive place. There are numerous other places in Vienna that are cheaper and actually worth the money, so you wouldn’t go to Eve Bar by sheer will anyway. Secondly, the place runs a nasty taxi scam which is highly beneficial for the taxi drivers who take part in the scam.

While the place pays them ample amount of money, their job is to collect wealthy and preferably drunk guys and bring them to the bar. Considering that they have several years of experience, they are probably pretty good at it. Once the clients arrive, chances are they are going to leave most of their cash there. Not only cash, but credit cards as well. They obtain huge profit from clients who have no idea what is happening or how to get out of the situation.

Of course, you can’t find Eve Bar online. No official website and no advertisements whatsoever, which is already abnormal. They already have enough presence in Vienna just by utilizing taxi agencies. On the other hand, an online presence would attract regular customers to Eve Bar which is definitely not what they want. It requires a completely different method to run such a tourist trap effectively.

Conclusion on Eve Bar Scam

Although a new owner is about to run the place, it already has a long history of being a total scam. There is little to no chance that it will suddenly turn into a clean place that can compete as a paid sex location by the Viennese standards.

There may be some pretty girls in Eve Bar, but it really doesn’t matter because they are all well-trained to scam you. They have no interest in providing quality service. For the taxi drivers, this is the absolute dream job. Since they get a lot of money after every client, they eagerly lie about other places just to make Eve Bar look great. This is how they use the Eve Bar taxi scam to lure unsuspecting clients in.

If they sense that you don’t know the city very well, they will take you to the club even if you didn’t want to go there in the first place. Many people fall into the trap right when the taxi driver says Eve Bar is one of the best places in the city.

It is definitely a place to avoid, unless you want to completely empty your wallet. There are lots of pretty good sex clubs available in Vienna that you can also find online.

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