Linz police organized a large-scale action against illegal brothels

Linz police organized a large-scale action against illegal brothels

The illegal brothels from Linz have been targeted by the police. Sex bar in Vienna has already approached this topic, but we want to keep our readers informed. It is already crystal clear the authorities are against shady business. The main problem is that in Linz a lot of illegal brothels popped out. Human trafficking is a thing that is expanding rapidly and a solution needs to be found. Read our article if you want to see how the authorities want to solve this problem.

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The unauthorized brothels from Linz targeted by the investigators

Everyone agrees that legal brothels are safe. We cannot say the same thing about the locations that are operating illegally. A lot of vulnerable women are exploited and forced to offer sexual services to a huge number of customers. The traffickers have found ingenious ways to avoid police and everything is like a “hide and seek game”. Nevertheless, the Linz police department has started a huge action against traffickers and their underground businesses. The authorities’ goal is to identify and shut down all the brothels that are not authorized.

Numerous brothels have already been discovered that were running in different apartments in Linz. Due to police involvement, almost every two weeks an unauthorized brothel was closed. The investigators discovered the sex workers were given drugs in order to be able to work for many hours in a row. In addition, it was later found out that the majority of the prostitutes were coming from poor countries such as Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Airbnb is the main rental company used by the human traffickers

The main tactic used by the traffickers was to change the apartments at a rapid rate. Almost all the locations where the prostitutes offered their services were rented through Airbnb. In order for the things not to get out of control, the Airbnb representatives declared they will take all the necessary measures to prevent the expansion of this type of business. The leadership of the company will try to develop new alert systems. All the employees will cooperate with the police to identify signs of slavery or human exploitation.

The traffickers from Linz were changing the apartments at a rapid rate

The apartments from Linz were rented through Airbnb


The authorities should have zero tolerance for these illegal brothels. Prostitution has generated multiple public debates and everyone agrees that vulnerable women must be protected regardless of the circumstances. On the other hand, there is an important number of brothels which are respecting the current legislation. We advise the clients to be careful because the unauthorized locations can have a lot of negative aspects.

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