In an armed robbery, a worker steals $22,000 in $1 banknotes from a strip club in Rhode Island

According to sources, a strip club in Providence was robbed at gunpoint of $22,000 in $1 bills by a club employee who tried to blend in with the background. The club’s owner told the Providence Journal that an armed suspect barged into the Cadillac Lounge strip club just before it was about to open on Monday afternoon on 18th of July and demanded that the manager hand over thousands of singles from a vault.

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Owner Dick Shappy remarked, “It’s someone who knows our routine. The suspect apparently knew the layout of the business.” When Jontay Goode, 30, was charged with first-degree robbery on Tuesday (19th of July), according to Providence police, the initial presumption proved to be valid. Goode went to tremendous measures to keep his identity a secret. He was apparently a barback at the club.

The suspect covered his face and worn sunglasses

The suspect, as seen in surveillance video, have concealed his skin tone, tucked his hair under a baseball cap, covered his face with a surgical mask, and worn sunglasses. Despite it still is July, he has been wearing a jacket and trousers. He also took $3,500 from the manager who was counting money just before the suspect arrived, in addition to the $22,000 in single dollar notes. Manager Ed Imondi told WPRI-TV, “At first, I thought it was a prank. “This is a robbery,” he declared. I asked, “What?” “I’m going to attack the place,” he declared.

“He grabbed all ones and I heard him packing them into the large bag that he was carrying. He knew we had a lot of money in there, of course,” Imondi said. Because Goode reportedly attempted to hide the cash on adjacent train lines to retrieve later, police were able to find the majority of the stolen money quickly after the heist, according to the network.

The club nonetheless opened in the same day, only hours after the unexpected break-in. Shappy told the Globe, “After the police left, girls continued coming in, so I said let’s open. So we started the work day.”

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