Kanye West Tips 13,000 Euros in a Strip Club

Kenye West

This story was revealed by a barmaid on TikTok who told a story about how she met Kanye West, the world-famous rapper. She is called Anessa Rossi and this all happened a few years ago. According to her, it was regular for huge celebrities to show up in the bar she worked at back then.

Strip Club Maxim Wien

However, not one of them was as famous as millionaire Kanye West.

Kanye West Did Not Want to See the Girls Dance

It seemed like watching girls dance on the table is simply not Kanye’s thing. Surprisingly, he only wanted to have a chat with the girls. It was a spontaneous visit by him. Kanye walked up straight to the bar and started talking with Anessa.

He did not want to drink anything with alcohol either. All he wanted was a glass of water with ice. Then the talk had begun and Kanye West shared his beliefs about him being the direct descendant of his creator and who we were all descended from.

The ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian continued talking with the barmaid. They talked for about four hours when Kanye thanked the lady for listening to him. Before he left, he gave her 13,000 Euros. He said that he just listened to the calling to have a chat with her and didn’t hesitate.

The two have never met each other since then.

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