Crazy Horse 3 – The Strip Club that Accepts Bitcoin

If you are a monger yourself looking for a good place to spend your Bitcoin at, then you should go to Las Vegas! The Crazy Horse 3 in L.A. now uses the so-called Lightning Network as a payment gateway to accept Bitcoin payments.

Strip Club Maxim Wien

You can go and leave tips, pay for drinks, food and anything on offer with your crypto. Now obviously, there are lots of businesses accepting Bitcoin in various niches. What makes Crazy Horse 3 different is that it is the first major entertainment venue in the United States that allows people to pay with their Bitcoin.

If this was the only thing stopping you from spending a good time in one of the top strip clubs, then this is your chance. This is how Crazy Horse 3 adapts for people’s needs, as crypto has been around for a while. They are aware of the fact that paying with Bitcoin is more convenient for a lot of people.

This not only testifies of the hospitality of Crazy Horse 3 but also adds another layer of anonymity that guests can benefit from.

A Huge Move from Crazy Horse 3

People are now able to pay with Bitcoin in Crazy Horse 3 thanks to the strip club’s partnership with OpenNode. Now all tech savvy customers are welcome. Paying with Bitcoin is fast, secure and the payment method itself will attract a wider audience.

There is also the Allegiant Stadium nearby, which means that all the people visiting the place have more purchasing power thanks to the payment method.

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