Naked Is Not Always Better

Not too long ago, 11 Ukrainian women were arrested and detained in Dubai because they stripped down and publicly posed for lewd photos on a hotel balcony. The Islamic law has very strict rules against public kissing and other sexual things. The Russian photographer who invited the models for the photoshoot has also been detained and may face a prison sentence of up to two years. Read on for further details!

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11 Ukrainian women arrested in Dubai

All of the women who were posing naked on the Dubai balcony have been arrested by the police. The photos and video of the models were shared on social media and the police was quickly notified of the strip photoshoot. The women were taken into custody, having all of their belongings taken from them and put in a jail cell without any notification of when they would be released.

Models claim they were forced to take the photo

According to our sources, some of the women were against the public photoshoot, as they knew there would be consequences if they were seen stripped down in public. One of the models said she was forced to do the photo or risk not getting paid at all. According to her, the photographer said that they need to remember who is paying and that they should follow instructions if they want to get their money.

Some of the women fled the scene after the photos went viral

Some of the Ukrainian women left the hotel as soon as they realized the photos and the video were shared online. They were later told that they need to come back so that the police can interrogate them, and that they would be released afterwards. However, the models who did return to make a statement were locked up as well.

The Ukrainian models are deported and banned from entering the country

According to the latest news, the women who were arrested have now been deported back to Ukraine. Additionally, they have all been banned from entering Middle Eastern countries for the next 5 years. The photographer who was behind the lewd photos is still currently in custody and he may be facing jail time of up to two years.

Conclusion on why naked is not always better

As you can see, there is a time and place for stripping down. A stripclub is the perfect place for this, but clearly a Dubai hotel balcony is not. Since the Islamic laws are so strict, the Ukrainian models are lucky they were not sentenced to six months of jail time. Now they are banned from traveling to the Gulf countries for the next five years and they had to spend nine days in prison.

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