Why you shouldn’t choose Goldentime Vienna for a strip club experience

It seems as though some people have a misconception about what a stripclub experience exactly means. We’ve recently noticed that there’s a large number individuals who think that Goldentime Vienna is a striptease club, or that stripping is something that can commonly be found in this establishment. Since Goldentime Vienna is a saunaclub, those of you who are looking for a real strip club experience won’t really get it there. Let’s take a closer look at what Goldentime Vienna offers and what you can find in a real striptease club in Wien!

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Goldentime Vienna isn’t a stripclub; it is a saunaclub

Since Goldentime Vienna is mainly a saunaclub, there are certain things that you can expect, but striptease isn’t usually on this list. The ladies in a saunaclub usually walk around the establishment in their underwear, bikinis or fully naked.

However, clients don’t see the girls undressing, which is one of the main criteria of stripclubs. After all, part of the magic of strip clubs is watching the sexy ladies take off their dresses one layer at a time. This is a very erotic and seductive procedure that many like to watch. However, the undressing process is usually skipped in saunaclubs and you rarely see the girls teasing clients by slowly taking their clothes off. 

What can you expect from a real striptease experience?

In a real Vienna stripclub, you can expect good music playing as you enter the venue, sexy women dancing and undressing themselves on the stage or in private shows and a very social atmosphere.

The ladies who work in strip clubs don’t walk around the establishment naked, but rather in elegant dresses that leave a lot to the imagination. However, when needed, these stripclub ladies start undressing and showing more of their gorgeous bodies.

This experience is something that makes stripclubs immensely popular among some clients and exactly the reason why they choose to visit one of Vienna’s real stripclubs that are still operational.

Why is a stripclub better than a saunaclub?

For those of us who prefer watching girls seduce us with sensual movement and erotic dances, a strip club is definitely a better choice. Although you can still see girls naked in saunaclubs too, this isn’t the same type of experience.

In striptease clubs, clients are usually allowed to drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that can make the whole experience that much better. However, the most important part of a strip club is actually the act of watching sexy girls undressing themselves, and this isn’t something that you usually find in a saunaclub setting.

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