Women Refugees Sold for Sex Work in Austria

News regarding human trafficking come from Austria’s media. Factually, it is been on the rise recently, as the Austrian police accounted.

Strip Club Maxim Wien

Police investigation found out that female refugees are selling their bodies in Austria. And that is not a word about consenting to it, willingly, police conducted a research party to determine that it is about human trafficking. According to their results, it was, and it embraced women of various nationalities, which is subsequently an official international concern.

Bad guys involve refugees in sex work

Nevertheless, the police have rescued six Nigerian women from being abused by traffickers. Police unit specialized in combating human trafficking took them back to safety. Allegedly, women escaped their countries after bad guys threw a voodoo curse upon them.

The bad guys are smugglers which proceeded the women from Nigeria borders to Austria. Selling women to traffickers there, they kept convincing them that they’re in debt so that they had to work in strip clubs.

Other than the smugglers, more supervising positions prevailed

Obligatory work was spread then until now, and the poor women’s thought their debts are endless. In order to gain full control among the women, hiring ‘madams’ was to keep an eye out for the sex workers.

Movement is completely watched, so fleeing from strip clubs wasn’t an option. Not only that, the women totally fell under the influence because they believe voodoo magic-curse is holding upon them.

If by any case they didn’t comply to orders, madam reports them and their families back at home would suffer then.

An International Matter

The international police of Europe, Europol found 29 victims in their operation fighting human trafficking. Five different regions of Austria: capital Vienna, Carinthia, Tyrol, Lower Austria and Vorarlberg – held these victims, spread among strip clubs. No one expected that six of the victims are refugees.

Nigerian Refugees, barely legal, at around 18 years of age, meaning that they’re literally girls, have been doing sex work like any other women. Full-contact and without a relief. Officer of the law, head of the office combating human trafficking spoke about the situation. His name is Gerald Tatzgern, respected officer of the law.

Quick Info: If you’re looking to know some more about this crime, read about it at the Austrian news site Thelocal: https://www.thelocal.at/20161020/refugees-sold-into-forced-prostitution

Renowned officer talks on behalf of the Nigerian women

Officer Tatzgern explains that it was a difficult task to make the women believe that they are actually free from sex work. They thought a voodoo curse is a reason why they fell victim. Police tried and tried to get their senses back.

As a scar afterward, the refugees are scared of going to a crowded public place alone. That’s why immediate care is necessary for their health. They’ve been accepted into a place sheltering women who were under abusive contact.

After settling the women to a safe place, police still had a tough job on their hands. A 48-hour mission began, where they search brothels, strip clubs, escort agencies, massage parlors and red-light districts generally, which are suspicious referring the case.

The search leads them to completely new results

What they found is not only Nigerians, besides them, Chinese, Serbian and Romanian are also nationalities reporting in as women victims of human trafficking, according to their identity reports. The issue has expanded way more after the mission.

A total number of 18 people are under arrest, as they shown. The fact is that none of them have involvement that leads exactly to human trafficking, police hadn’t found clues on them for that. There’s no evidence of it. However, instead of those accusations, the suspects are awaiting trial for smuggling, fraud and dealing drugs, which the police determined.

Powerless acts of stopping trafficking

Since the case escalated the borders of Europe, because other people involved in the crime are residents of Nigeria, it’s a Nigerian government’s concern to find and prosecute the bad guys luring women into strip clubs in Austria.

All from that isn’t Europol’s duty because their field of work can only be acquire areas of Europe. That’s why the case has its complexity. Putting it down easily is hard. All that remains is for the Austrian police to increase hit on suspicious locations if they’re able to.

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