Massage Parlors in Vienna Turn Out To Be Strip Clubs and Brothels

A recent farce about Vienna’s strip clubs has hit the deck and it came out in the open public. Allegedly, rise in prostitution crime and abuse reports came from the local police in Vienna, specified department of justice for prostitution.

Strip Club Maxim Wien

The police stated a notice of a huge rise in massage parlors misconducting their registered and licensed work, while secretly functioning as strip clubs. Having said strip clubs, its implied on illegal sex work, without back-reports to the regulating organs.

According to the police, six strip clubs/brothels were forcefully closed due to suspicion of human trafficking and mobbing. Four of the alleged six strip clubs had Chinese ‘masseuses’ under the parlor’s name. They were the ones offering sex work during the course of time while the strip clubs were in business.

Federal Police Involvement

Wolfgang Langer was an officer on duty, part of the police unit in charge of prostitution crime roster. His mission is to suppress crime acts against regulated prostitution. He spoke about the situation and told the media that the increased number of flagrant massage parlors is too suspicious. Police doubt that they’re all clear to work and function properly.

Austria’s BK (Bundeskriminalamt) is a federal office in charge of severe situations like these. The BK says that most of the parlors open today (that day) are in a relation with China. As possible evidence for that lead, one strip club put out of business was what they used.It was under the ownership of a person Mr. K. Allegedly, he rented an 80-square-meter flat in Vienna for five Chinese women. Rent due shown a shocking number of 980 Euros a month, per girl. That was the sum the Chinese prostitutes were paying in order to stay ‘secure’.

As they couldn’t gain that amount of money from regular parlor work, they had to do extra sex services to repay their landlord and ‘pimp’. The rent, plus food  and upkeep. The ‘strip club’ placed ads on massage parlor forums to bring clients in.The clientele wasn’t part of their dirty work, as someone spread the rumor of possible mistreatment. But before that, let’s hear from Gerald Tatzgern, chief of Central Office for Combating Human Trafficking.

From his statements, he assures us of his reports that the Chinese prostitutes came from 5 different provinces. It means headway for the police investigation to continue since the girls haven’t known each other from earlier.

The Development of the Investigation

Officer and serviceman Tatzgern said that the police are slowly finding logical points and pulling them together. One vital conclusion brought them to an Austrian man, who’s married to a Chinese woman.

It appears that he a connection to their case, as the middleman of the mischevious project. He was in charge of finding space for the massage parlors to do their hidden business, and also to hire administering assistants.Finding proper clientele is what these assistants obligatory did. Their job was tricky since they couldn’t deliver a customer who may be troublesome, exposing them and their work publicly. That was probably when the entire project went down the drain.

Police tracked and ultimately reported that the admins/assistants were parting a commision from the Chinese prostitutes’ revenue. The digits went up to 1500 Euros of pure commision and fees.Despite the high concerns of the Chinese prostitutes and maltreatment, Tatzgern calmed the stormy worries about the prostitutes falling victim to slavery. He relieved the uncertainty saying that they probably weren’t forced into prostitution.

The reason why is because of the sky-high prices and commisions, which served as economic pressure to keep them intact of the massage parlors. In addition, it was to motivate them to do sex work on the other hand. Chinese prostitutes are unable to speak German, so they couldn’t submit a complaint to anyone. Which, trapped them in their position, without escape.

The Solemn Regulations Brought Afterwards

The city of Vienna and the government of Austria have rigged up the regulations and laws dependent on prostitution generally. Businesses as ‘strip clubs’ and massage parlors are under more serious control because of the recent outburst of crime.

As for the case, police are still in it. They’re willing to inspect from 80 massage parlors found as possible threats of human trafficking and black outlets. They’ll inquire listing and thorough research of their spreading work.

While at it, the EU authorities and the Chinese government are now involved in what seems to be comprehended as a federal and international case. The two parties are cooperating well to fight against crime prostitution-wise in Vienna.


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