Discussions about the current state of the prostitution industry in Germany

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Recently there have been discussions going on about the current state of the prostitution scene in Germany and how this can all be improved. According to our sources, the Diakonisches Werk Karlsruhe, which is a charitable organization of Protestant churches plans to discuss the state of the prostitution scene in Karlsruhe, Germany with brothel owners. The plan is to improve the overall conditions that prostitutes are currently working in. For further details about this news piece, be sure to read the entirety of this blog post!

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The Diakonie doesn’t think prostitution is good

In a recent interview, Wolfgang Stoll, the director of the Karlsruhe Diakonie stated that he doesn’t necessarily think that prostitution is a good thing. However, he added that clearly a ban is not the fial solution as it can be seen now in Corona Virus times. Now that there is a temporary ban on prostitution in Germany, the ladies turn to illegal prostitution which puts them in further danger. Now that the women do not have the protection of the clubs, brothels and sauna clubs they are more exposed to pimps and human traffickers. In order to make the situation of the women better, Wolfgang Stoll said that he is willing to work with brothel owners to find a solution.

Not everybody agrees with the Diakonie’s decision

The group “Karlsruhe against the purchase of sex” has sent an open letter addressed to the Evangelical Church in Germany and the Diakonie Baden organization, in which they urge the Diakonie to publicly distance itself from these types of collaborations. The group doesn’t think that the brothel operators are the right people who can help the situation of the prostitutes. They added that the Diakonie is only helping the profiteers and making it easier for women to be sexually abused and exploited.

In a response to this, the Diakonie Baden stated that this argument has been talked about since the Prostitute Protection Act has been introduced back in 2017. Although some thought that a ban on prostitution would solve the problems, this has only proven to make the women turn to illegal prostitution, which puts them in even more danger.


We will have to wait and see how the talk between the Karlsruhe Diakonie and the brothel owners turns out. Hopefully, there will be a solution that can ultimately help the current situation that the women are facing. As we’ve already seen, a complete ban on prostitution is not the right solution.

In case you wish to read the original German publication that we based this article on, be sure to take a look at the article over on the RTL.de website now. Otherwise, check out some of these related articles for more interesting and informational blog posts.

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