The clients were unsatisfied by the services provided in The studio at Pallfygasse 20

one name is permanently repeated when it comes to bad experiences: The studio at Pallfygasse 20

Vienna is very popular for its sex bars, sex clubs, strip clubs and brothels. A lot of persons who visited this city declared the nightlife is amazing. Although there are numerous locations where you will be treated in a suitable way, some establishments don’t have a good reputation. Sex-Vienna forum started to be very helpful when it comes to select a brothel or a sex club. A lot of persons shared their experiences on this online platform. If you decide to go to a sex club, you can find a lot of information and you can ask the other users which is their opinion regarding a particular establishment.

Strip Club Maxim Wien

A client has received counterfeit money

An important aspect that we have to mention is that one name is permanently repeated when it comes to bad experiences: The studio at Pallfygasse 20.  According to a post, a person complained he was scammed in this establishment. The man went there for a session and he had to pay 30 euro. He gave a 100 euro bill and received the rest of the money from the staff. Later, he wanted to pay something and he realized that those 70 euros were counterfeit. He returned, filed a complaint and he managed to solve this unpleasant situation. You can say it was a mistake, but a place which respects its clients should prevent these things happen.

Obviously, something is wrong with the studio at Pallfygasse 20. The persons who had been there provided negative feedback. When you decide to go to a sex club or a brothel, you want to enjoy your time. Many persons were robbed or scammed because they went to a club that didn’t have a good reputation.

Other sex clubs that should be avoided

Besides the studio at Pallfygasse 20, the clients also complained about Claudia’s Bar, Eve Bar, Contact Center Laufhaus and Laufhaus Juchgasse. The main negative aspect of Claudia’s Bar is that it is located in one of the worst districts in Vienna. Fights, robberies and thefts are something common in that area. If you want a peaceful moment with a beautiful girl, you don’t want to go there.

Eve Bar is another place you should put on the blacklist. If they see a person who looks rich or is well-dressed, they pump up the price two or even three times. Contact Center Laufhaus and Laufhaus Juchgasse are other establishments that are not well-rated by the clients. The girls are unprofessional, bored and they rush you up. It is very important not to be fooled by a nice advertisement.

Eve Bar is another place you should put on the blacklist

Some brothels are located in one of the worst districts in Vienna


The reason we have written this article is to make you aware regarding the fact that some sex clubs, sex bars or brothels don’t respect their clients. Vienna offers a lot of certificated establishments where the provided services are among the best. The clients have provided positive reviews to locations such as Maxim Wien, Goldentime Vienna, Funpalast and Babylon. Here, you can find high-quality services. We also suggest you read different comments or discussions on Sex in Vienna forum.

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